Posted by: John | March 8, 2010

Repo Men

Repo Men

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Posted by: John | January 16, 2010

The Brickster and I shopping at the mall.

Now you know where she gets her good looks 🙂

Posted by: John | January 14, 2010

John lookit!! Look John!!

Posted by: John | January 13, 2010

Big Tuna

"To be any fresher, you’d have to catch it yourself.". This is suppost
to be the best sushi in Chico. We shall see!

Posted by: John | January 13, 2010

Just wondering…

If you can tell the difference between the last few pics taken with my
new 3gs bs my old 3g iPhone. Well? Can U?

Posted by: John | November 19, 2009

Guess what?

I’ve been neglecting this blog for quite some time, but I’m still
alive and well.

Posted by: John | September 22, 2009

Do you eBay?

As you can see by the link below; I like to leave customized feedback based on items purchased! Oh, and excuse my blurry screen pic, I’m too tired to do a retake.

– John
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Posted by: John | September 19, 2009

Brandy Creek

Brandy Creek

BBQ’ing at Brandy Creek on Whiskey Town Lake.

Posted by: John | September 17, 2009

The Man Cave

It is still under construction. There are still a few items missing.

Like what, you ask? Well, like some bar stools for the card table/
work bench; the mini keg lights which are under construction; and a
mini fridge to keep the beer cold (although, I’m working on convincing
Chantel that beer is cheaper… on tap! 🙂

– John
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Posted by: John | September 10, 2009

Cards vs. Trojans

You can’t see it, its kinda dark, but we are murdering them.

Go Cards!!!

– John
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