Posted by: John | August 14, 2008

Astatic Silver Eagle D104

Astatic Silver Eagle D-104 microphone sitting in front of an xforce xt800 linear amp, Ranger 2985DX radio, with all the bells and whistles.

This is feeding through the PDC600 SWR/RF meter and then into the Belden 213 coax, up the tri-x freestanding 80 ft. tower and then outputting via the Maco v58 omni directional antenna.

This microphone is one of nine that I possess. They quit making them awhile back cause Astatic went out of business, so I started stocking up.

I picked up my technician amateur (ham) radio license from the FCC about 15 years ago but I like to frequent the 11 meter band instead. Less snobs and more down to earth rednecks such as myself.

– John



  1. You truly are… a redneck!


  2. I have a beautiful D-104 Silver Eagle microphone in really good condition. I am goiung to sell it, are you interested?

    Charlie K4CRS

    • Hi Charlie, Just read your ad , and how much are you asking for your d-104 and does it have dual switch ??Thanks —Lenny909

    • Charley Solomon has a D104 for sale, Charley, how much are you asking for it.Is it a four pin or a five pin???Lenny909 Are you Charley K4CRS ????I inquired with you before I think?? Lenny909 HAve a nice DAy.!!!!

  3. John, How much are you asking for your D 104 Silver Eagle. I have a Tram C B and I am looking for one. Thank You. ! Lenny909

    • I’m not selling mine, but you can pick them up all day long on eBay fairly cheap.

      Thanks, John KE6QMR

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