Posted by: John | October 26, 2008

Well… It’s 5:00am

Originally uploaded by johnhunt96021


And I’m still out here hand splitting wood the old fashioned way. I
just realized why I’m enjoying it so much tonight.

A few days ago I was going through some boxes and found a
bottle of my dads cologne. The smell has been spreading through out
the house. I’ve been missing him a lot lately.

Tonight, as I came home from work, I smelt that cologne in the house,
and all night long as I worked out here splitting wood in the dark, It
felt as if I were not alone. It felt like he was/is here with me.

Next thing I know, morse tayler takes over the station and it started
playing the music that dad listened to. Not my choice of music, but it
sure is pleasent this morning.

A lot has recently changed in my life, I wish I could tell him about
it. He was a damn good person, I sure miss him.

The roosters are crowing and the sun will be coming up soon. I think
I’ll just kick back, listen to this music, wait for the sun to rise,
and continue to enjoy this feeling while it’s present.




  1. omg morris taylor?????? I sure dont miss that dweeb!!!!!!! lolol

  2. Nice shot, too.

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