Posted by: John | July 23, 2009

Going diving!

Were going diving at Lake Siskiyou.

– John
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  1. John,

    The photographs here indicate to me that you had entirely too much fun, rest, and recreation!

    I suffered through one of the busiest weeks I have had in several years!

    I generally arrive at my office at 7:30 AM or thereabouts and leave around 3 PM to 3:30 PM.

    Last week,I arrived there generally near 7 AM and was there well past 5 PM all days except for Thursday–when I did not manage to leave until nearly 6:30 PM!


    Between the Friday prior to last week and today, I removed viruses and malware from EIGHT computers, did SIX HOURS of billed Web design, almost FIVE HOURS of pro bono Web design, did SIX HOURS of eBay/Craigslist photography, did FOUR HOURS of billed portraiture, did TWO HOURS of pro bono photography, did TWO HOURS of billed family reunion photography, did TWO hours of billed birthday photography, did TEN billable hours of photo restoration, and TWO hours of insurance photography!!!

    Tomorrow, I have a computer repair (viruses) coming in the morning. I have a photo shoot in the afternoon to photograph an a couple for engagement photographs, and FOUR billable hours of photo restoration!

    While I certainly enjoy the surge of business, and while I can definitely use the income, I am TIRED!

    I (almost!) hope the balance of the week is a bit slower paced.

    It is, however, very encouraging that this business surge has come my way!

    – David

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