Posted by: John | September 17, 2009

The Man Cave

It is still under construction. There are still a few items missing.

Like what, you ask? Well, like some bar stools for the card table/
work bench; the mini keg lights which are under construction; and a
mini fridge to keep the beer cold (although, I’m working on convincing
Chantel that beer is cheaper… on tap! 🙂

– John
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  1. Oh, and add to that list a cot or futon… I call his “man cave” a dog house!

  2. John,

    Kegs are definitely the most cost-effective way to purchase beer!

    – David

  3. Don’t tell me… Tell her!

    Wait…….. I passed it on! 🙂

  4. I beg to differ…. It is only more cost effective IF you consume the same amount as if you buy cans or bottles. However I feel that with the availability of beer on tap, the consumption will increase thus defeating the savings.

  5. Numbers David……. We need numbers, charts, and statistics. She’s a tough cookie!

    • I shall research this issue fully and provide supporting documents.

      – David

  6. dont feel bad – your cave is more finished than mine although mine does have a rocking chair, couch, and love seat….

  7. Brandon, are you going to wall paper too? LOL!

  8. i was thinking about throwing up some of that art paper that comes on the giant rolls. Did that in a cabin i was renting once and just let my friends come over and spray paint stuff on the walls. New decorations every day, nothing got ruined, and it was cheep.

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